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Summer Interior Design Secrets

With many states reopening, it feels like we need a new beginning. What better way to breathe life into the environments than with these interior design secrets? We’ve been stuck in our homes for over a year. Now is the time to change a few things to allow us to get back to enjoying our private spaces. 

Summer is near and while some may not remember what the inside of your home looks like, give them a reason to get excited when they attend dinner parties and get-togethers. These are the interior design secrets that will create new memories forgetting everything we have been through. 


Here are some interior design secrets that will create the perfect summer vibe



Don’t be afraid of using curves 

Yes clean lines still remain as a statement, but curves offers a modern feel as well. When you include arches and circles into your design, you soften up your spaces which makes it more inviting. From chandeliers, coffee tables to bookshelves, use your imagination to veer away from the traditional and give the eye something unexpected. 



Consider a Minimalistic Environment

Even though some are vaccinated, this may not mean they are comfortable sitting close to someone that isn’t in their household. Minimalistic seating that encourages some to stand or even use other seating options that are not in the same space, gives the breathing room we all want. Having furniture crammed together so that everyone is in the same space is out the window. Use all of the square footage possible to create intimate talking opportunities. 



Mismatch your design choices


Your interior design choices do not have to come from the same brand or store. They don’t have to all look the same color either. We recommend having the majority of your design pieces look the same and at least 30% of the rest to be a different design style. Mid-century modern with some farmhouse elements can make the room even more exciting to be in. 



Update Vintage Furniture

Don’t be afraid of rethinking how an old chest or sideboard can be updated. Most often a little sanding and some paint can make furniture pieces look brand new. It’s the reclaimed furniture that brings in the character your space has be yearning for. 



Create Intimate Nooks

If you have a large family, you know how hard it may be to find that quiet space. By creating an intimate nook, it can transform how you spend alone time. A cozy chair or a bench placed in the unused space under your stairs are all options. You can easily accessorize these spaces with small side tables, pillows, and throws.



Add Texture to Your Space

One trend we are seeing a lot are wooden panels on walls. This is not left up to older homes any more. Paneling can look modern and create a luxury look to your space. These are also budget friendly options that can further add the right touch of boldness you need. If this option doesn’t work, textured wallpaper is worth considering. Don’t be afraid to wallpaper small spaces either. Even plants and 3D style artwork help to break up the coldness of spaces.



Black is Everything


For some odd reason people do not like to use black as much. We see the trend for all white kitchens. We get the desire for grey walls or some earth tone, but do not overlook black.  Black does not always shrink rooms. In fact when done the right way, black can enhance spaces and make it look larger than expected. If you have a smaller space, use black as an accent piece sprinkled throughout the space. When you use black against a lighter tone, you create something magical and that instantly stands out. 



Don’t forget to Measure

Measurements is the one thing that matters a great deal in our interior design secrets. The last thing you want is a gorgeous dining room table that doesn’t fit and it took you two months to get. Too many oversized items shrinks your room and looks as if you are designing for a giant. Sleek items help to ensure your space allows for the right amount, but you have to make sure you have enough space. Pull out that tape measure and double check the big ticket items before purchasing. 



Repeat Materials

Homes deserve some level of consistency. Many homeowner use paint to achieve this, but there are many more options. Consider the materials that you use. Flooring throughout a particular level is one way. Countertops in the kitchen and bathroom is another. If you are using a certain material on your walls like limestone, find ways to carry that into other rooms. You can also repeat accessories in various spaces. The goal of repeating material is to tie one room to the other. The rooms don’t need to be uniformed, but they should tell a similar story. 


You Outdoor Space Needs Love Too

No matter the size of your outdoor space, find a way to give it love. Your outside space should serve as an extension to what is inside. Lighting, comfortable furniture, and paint goes a long way. Even if you have a small space, you have the chance to make it unique. And consider being a plant parent. 


In Conclusion

These interior design secrets are just a glimpse into what is possible for summer entertainment. Now is the time to prepare. We all know how cramped we have been at home so get out there and enjoy the new luxuries that you home has to offer. Need to find some creative items to freshen up your home? Check out our latest products.