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9 Interior Design Tips to Follow

When it comes to designing your home, there are some key interior design tips you need to follow. Interior design is way more than shopping online and placing the item in your home. Design takes consideration for the space that you desire to have and how you want to feel the moment you step into it. 

Because we sell amazing home decor, we wanted to provide you with some key interior design tips to follow when shopping online.

Interior Design Tips to Follow



#1 Allow enough space to walk around

As obvious as this may seem, many spaces are cluttered with amazing items. It gets to the point where it's a sensory overload and you never want that in your home. When you have too many items in your space, it makes it more of an inconvenience than an experience. Look at your space and ask what are the easiest ways to navigate through it. If there aren't enough, eliminate barriers that prevent you from walking around. 


#2 The 70/30 split

To add a unique appeal to your living spaces, you don't want to decorate everything in one style of decor. If you love a Contemporary space, design 70% of it in contemporary items and the remaining 30% can be used for a complimentary design style. Design styles can be blended to create a unique style that fits your taste. 


#3 Never Mix and Match Flooring


One common mistake we see for interior design is a mixture of various flooring on the same level. Take your main living level that has your living room, dining room and kitchen. There should not be a different type of floor in each of these spaces. The most we recommend is 2; simply because the kitchen tends to have tile versus hardwood or carpet. 

The same can apply for your sleeping spaces. The main passage way can be a hardwood or tile. If you prefer carpet in the bedrooms, that is perfectly fine. However, consider a universal carpet in all rooms versus one color for each bedroom.


#4 Master Your Color Palette


When decorating your home, there should always be one primary color you love. We recommend that you then add one secondary color and one accent color to create your true interior decor color palette. 

The more colors you add the more difficult it will be to create a cohesive look that tells a story. This is one of the interior design tips you'll need to master before you purchase anything. 


#5 Transform Old Furniture


One of the best skills you can have for interior design is knowing how to take an old piece of furniture and make it look brand new. Many yard sales have amazing items that simply need a little TLC to make them sparkle again. 

Perhaps you need to reupholster a chair, or sand and finish a console table. No matter what the job requires, think twice before you consider something junk and throw it out. 


#6 Glam Up your BookShelf


One of the easiest ways to fill a space is to place all of your favorite books into one space. But it's more than just books. For those of you working from home and need a great background for your video calls, a book shelf with added accessories is the perfect trick. 

Space out your books and add a variety of accessories to each shelf. Choose accessories that match your home's color palette and also things that you picked up from traveling. Never overcrowd the space. It should be curated and not appear junky. Books can be vertical and horizontal as well. 


#7 Find Your Light

Before anything goes into a space, you must consider where your light shines brightest. Light can change the mood of any space as well as the color you end up seeing. Plus rooms with adequate light are perfect for house plants which are the perfect home accessory to have. 

When you don't have enough natural light, make sure you have one of our gorgeous chandeliers to make up for it. 



#8 Learn the Art of Layering


Layering adds depth and dimension to any space. It warms it up and draws the eye even further into your design. Layering can occur in different hues of one color or heights of accessories. It can be in area rugs or even throws and blankets. Test out various spaces and see what the outcome can be. 


#9 Don't Overlook Signature Pieces

There's no reason why furniture can not be mixed and matched from various stores. Some items cost more than others, but one things for sure, don't skimp on your signature pieces. 

Items like sofas, beds, chairs and other designer items should not be purchased for cheap. These items will last you longer than you think and ultimately save you money. Don't be afraid to invest in items that may have a higher price tag. These tend to be your well made items that are durable and statement pieces. 


In Conclusion

Interior Design Tips will certainly make your home your safe space. It's up to you to figure out what items work best for you. Be bold, take risks, and always invest in items for the long term. 

Which of these interior design tips did you like the best?